Are There Any Costs Involved For Our Organization To Participate In RecycleFund's Fundraising?
No. There is no cost whatsoever. RecycleFund pays for all fundraising supplies and shipping.
What Do We Need To Do To Get Started?
All we need is some basic information on your organization. You can provide this information to us by:
Go to the “Register” page to register your organization online. Fill in all the fields and press the "Click to Register" button at the bottom of the page.
Is it really that simple? How can I earn cash by collecting used cartridges?
There are no shipping hassles. We send you prepaid bags and boxes that are marked with your account number. You pass them out, we collect the cartridges, you collect the funds!
When Do We Know We Are Ready To Start?
Within a few days of enrolling, you will receive your RecycleFund Welcome Kit. This package will include everything you need to get started.
Do We Need Any Special Boxes For Collecting The Cartridges?
No. RecycleFund will supply our Recycling Bags and Boxes for you to distribute. You can also use any type of cardboard box to return laser cartridges. Our mission is to protect the environment and recycle. Adding more boxes to the environment, just to advertise our name, is contrary to our mission, but we also understand that some of our customers have difficulty finding boxes, so we encourage you to let us know if you do not have access to boxes and we will send you more if necessary.
What Are Some of The Biggest Mistakes We Can Make In Our Recycling Program?
* Sending in cartridges that are not eligible for recycling
* Sending in non-virgin, previously remanufactured cartridges
* Failing to wrap your laser cartridges in newspaper to prevent damage in shipping
* Missing out on important information because the RecycleFund Account information was not updated.

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